The State of the Union, or “An Epistle to a Brood of Vipers”

If Jesus came back today, and saw what was going on in his name, he’d never stop throwing up. – Max von Sydow, Hannah and her Sisters

I suppose that we have Donald Trump to thank for finally exposing the vile, seedy underbelly of the Conservative Evangelical movement for the nation and the world to see. The Vienna-Sausage-Fingered Vulgarian has drawn the pious hypocrites to himself like moths to a bug lamp. Further, these disciples believe that this man who lies, insults, swears like a Bourbon Street prostitute, advocates torture, and encourages violence against protesters at his rallies is somehow “God’s Deliverer for America.” We no longer have any reason to even pretend to take them or their sanctimonious “morality” seriously.

For ages, atheists and secularists in this country have been judged as untrustworthy and deceitful, simply because we don’t believe that some supernatural being spoke the earth into existence and then told its inhabitants not to masturbate. We’ve been told that we have no morals because we don’t obey the dictates of an ancient compilation of writings full of obscene brutality, slavery, rape, incest and murder. National opinion polls have placed us in the same category as child molesters and terrorists because we believe it is possible to be a good person without being told or threatened.

But thanks to a deeply insecure manchild with an inheritance, they’ve exposed themselves as self-centered, hateful, duplicitous, racist charlatans with not a single “Christlike” quality among them, and they’re ready to hand this nation over to a sociopathic fascist to turn it into his personal dictatorship. The hatemongers of the Westboro Baptist Church are saints by comparison to this pack of rabid hyenas.

For decades, we’ve gasped at the horror that was the Third Reich and patted ourselves on the back for not being “gullible and complacent like those Germans” of that dark period in modern history. We’ve shaken our heads at the Catholic priests and Lutheran pastors who gave their blessings to a madman who gassed 11 million people to death.

To quote the title of a recent German novel, “Guess Who’s Back?”

If you’re a Trump supporter, and you’re offended by these words, that’s just too fucking bad. Your self-issued license to judge the rest of us has been revoked. By your actions, you have spit repeatedly in the face of the Jesus you claim to serve. What’s worse, you clearly relish doing so. You have become everything you’ve accused the “godless” of being. You’ve chased after wealth, stepped on the poor, laughed at the disabled, sneered at the struggling, and thrust both of your middle fingers in the air at the displaced and the desperate – and after all of that you still somehow believe that you’re worthy of some Great Eternal Reward. What a fucking joke. Your condemnations mean nothing to us anymore. You are no better in your hearts and minds than any of the barbaric jihadists you claim to hate so much. The only thing that has stood between you and the butchers of ISIS has been “opportunity”. In your chests beat the heart of a terrorist.

If Osama bin Laden were alive today, he’d say, “Well done. Thank you for completing what I set in motion on September 11th.”

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