I’m Taking This Back

Back in the early 2000s, I wrote regularly from this domain. Anyway, shit’s getting too real in America right now and I’m decidedly unimpressed with this election season. Does nothing for me, can’t say I’d recommend it. As of the time I’m writing this, I’m in the United States. In a little under two weeks, however, I will be in the UK. My overseas visit will overlap with Election Day in America. I’m going to watch with indigestion as the whole thing unfolds. Will there be riots? Will there be bombings? Will there be politically-motivated shootings? These are the questions that will be plaguing me from across the Atlantic. But I want to try to document this. I no longer have my blog post from September 11, 2001, and that makes me sad. But more importantly, we might be on the eve of societal destruction in this country. I’m anticipating the worst, and I desperately want to be disappointed. I’ll try to write a little more, as I can. Try to crack open my shell a little bit, and see what blinks into the daylight.

This could be a life or death election, yay! Give me time to secure my fatal dose of heroin.

You know exactly how we got here, but you still want to say, “How the fuck did we get here?” This is unprecedented in American history. There’s a genuine sense of dread in the air – fear of societal unrest, of violence, of assaults. How many dangerously paranoid individuals are buying into Donald Trump line and sinker? How many would kill for him? I mean, we can’t rule this out entirely. We are in a place we’ve never been at as a nation before. Donald Trump is Jim Jones on steroid-laden KFC chicken. A core of his followers accepting every word out of his mouth as gospel truth. It wouldn’t take long enough for him to start introducing triggering words – dog-whistles, dehumanizing words like “animals.” He’s programming his supporters to believe, in the face of a 50-state system of (mostly Republican) state and local precincts, his loss can only happen through election fraud. In Trump’s brain, he can’t understand why all Americans don’t see him for the brilliant genius billionaire businessman that he sees in the mirror? And why (in Jesus’ name) would they vote for a woman over me, Donald Trump, the icon of wealth and opulence in the 80’s?

If this is how humanity dies, I have to say it’s a really fucking stupid ending and I’m deeply disappointed.


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