Greetings, Content Advisory, Disclaimer, Etc.

The views expressed on this website are entirely my own.  They do not reflect the views of The Rez Group or any other employer that I may have, now or in the future.

I am Rez, aka Ari Zed.

I am the owner of The Rez Group, a very tiny media empire based in Oklahoma, and this is my antisocial media website.

While sparse at the moment, I plan to fill this space with musings, rants, manifestos and creative content.  As my muse tends to wander off from time to time, I can offer no guarantees as to how often it will be updated.  However, if for some unexplainable reason you should want to keep up with what I’m doing or thinking, this will be where you will find me.

I use adult language.  I am a flaming liberal (by American standards).  I am an atheist and former Evangelical Bible student, so I know the book extremely well.

If you are offended by certain words, religious satire/criticism, free inquiry, secularism, humanism, socialism, politics, and so on – please type a different URL into your browser and godspeed to you.

– Rez